Jade Regent

Brinestump Marsh to Brinewall Castle

Brinestump Marsh had been nothing less than a hell hole. After several days in those hot and humid marshes you had accomplished much. Walthus Proudstump, the halfling hermit had been saved from a horrible fate at the hands of a faceless stalker, and what started off as a site seeing trip to the shipwrecks became a deadly encounter with a young black dragon. Perserverance and well timed tactics brought the beast down though and for the first time you all felt you had truly performed as a team.
As it turned out the Lick Toad Goblins had bitten off a bit more than they could chew when they had stolen those fireworks from a cabal of undead who seemingly had been sworn to protect it by Ameiko’s Grandfather. Still the unorthodoxed little bastards gave you a good run for your money, every gold piece per ear was earned and Chief Gutwad, his head was was mounted along the trade road for other ambitious goblins to behold.
The true mystery though, came from the aincent Tian Skeletons who seemed to be protecting an beautiful Cherrywood Chest. Within the hilt of the sword of a Tian Samauri was a letter penned by Ameiko’s grandfather to her father, proclaiming a family secret long lay dormant in the ruins of Brinewall Castle
Triumphant in your exploration of the swamps, you returned to Sandpointe as local heros. Ameiko was excited to hear the stories you came back with and seemed jealous of your encounter with the dragon. When you showed her the letter though, she immediately set plans in motion for you to accompany her to Brinwall to search for this piece of her secret family history. She tapped her friend Sandru Vhiski, a Varisian Caravan owner to take her there. Koya and Shalelu were invited as well to flesh out the caravan. A week later, after outfitting and repairing the caravan, the wheels started turning as you made your way north to Brinewall.
Brinewall has been called haunted, and no one really knows what happened on that night the storm hit 27 years ago. Raging thunder and lightning through out the night, when dawn broke, every resident was dead and the town lie in burning shambles. And now you stand on the hillock looking down on the ruins of one of the most prosperous ports feeding the Linorm Kingdoms, the sky is dark and grey, a storm is brewing, and Ameiko’s strange magically induced coma has you set a bit on edge. Distant thunder rumbles as you make your way down the hillside to the ruined light house, at least its obvious that Brinewall is living up to it’s reputation…



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