Rules of the Game


As DM it will be my job to arbitrate the game. For those unfamiliar with the RPG scenario I will be in charge of presenting the story, playing the monsters, and controlling anyone in the game that isn’t a player. I however, as much as I’d like to think, am still fallible. RPG’s while being a story based game, is full of rules. And while I can quote most of them mistakes will surely be made. All I ask is that if an issue comes up at the table that I think would take up too much time to research and distract from the story to bear with me as I make what I call and “instance ruling”. As in “in this instance we’ll call it a Dex check” and move the game along. I’ll make a note of the questionable ruling and look it up later to clarify how something should have gone and how we’ll be doing it from then on. For me, I’m not as interested in rules lawyering as I am in having fun and enjoying a good game with good people. But as in all RPG games, the story teller has the final say. I’ll do my best to be fair and will hear any grievances outside of game, but I will stand by my final rulings to keep things balanced and fair.


We will be playing with the Pathfinder system. We will have three copies of the rulebook at the table for player use and the online SRD has the complete rules system in a searchable format. While it is not mandatory for a player to own their own copy of the book, it does make it easier to facilitate character creation and leveling your character. Book keeping while not always fun is a necessary part of the game. It is my intention for this to take up as little table time as possible and having not only a reference but an interest in pursuing these things outside of table time is appreciated
Below is the link to the Pathfinder SRD which is a really good resource if you don’t have access to the Core Rule book.
Pathfinder SRD

House Rules

I’m not a fan of house rules, and tend to use very few. Don’t expect many exceptions to be made.
I am willing to consider converting 3.5 material to Pathfinder though.

Expierence Points and Leveling

I will be keeping track of the xp and notify you when to level your character. I’ll not be counting out xp at the table nor will I be giving you and update after every game on total xp. Leveling should be done out of game since our table time is limited. The SRD has all the relevant information for leveling your character and I will be available through email for questions regarding leveling.

The Portal Site

Characters must have a sheet up on the site, this will make it easier for me to deal with character specific hooks without constantly badgering you about what your level/background/skill set/feat selections are. Also the in page character sheet is pretty cool.
The Adventure log tab is open to all players to post on but is for in game information only. I will be posting updates as you make progress and will link to the new wiki pages of places you’ve discovered, and people you’ve met. We’ll discuss other uses for the Wiki pages once the game gets going.

The Forums tab isn’t available at this time. Depending on response to the site I could upgrade to the Ascendant Membership which will open the forum tab for us to use. Forums can be really great for off the table in game character conversations, rules questions, scheduling, and any other topics we want to cover.

Rules of the Game

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