Character Creation


Classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, and the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide and the options contained there in will be available. No homebrew or 3rd party classes will be allowed.


As with classes, any races available in the PFCR and the APG will be allowed, no home brew or 3rd party races will be allowed.

Character Background

Something will be required. Backgrounds can be as detailed or bare bones as you like but something to go on will make the game seem more real and fun. Characters don’t just magically appear in the world but they grew up there, had relationships before the “adventure” started, maybe served in the army or was a simple woodsman/farmer/whatever. Putting some thought into where you came from can make your character seem more real and allow me to seed in some character specific links to your past. In addition, what did you do before you vaulted into the realm of the unknown?
Choose a proffesion/craft/perform skill to apply to your character as a background skill. I will allow you to have 1 free skill point at first level to put into this skill. Wether or not you decide to build upon it after the game begins is up to you. This of course is completely optional.


We will be using the point by system for the “High Fantasy” option listed in the PFCR book. You can refer to the SRD if you do not have your own copy of the book. You can find the link under the Rules of the Game link.

Character Creation

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