• Monk Yun (Niko Vhiski)

    Monk Yun (Niko Vhiski)

    Monk Yun is a tall, thin man, hiding his face in a hooded robe of the Monastery of River and Sea, which itself is many robes of blues, greens, and white sewn together. The effect of all of these different color robes together is that of flowing water, mov
  • Scraxt DiScorpius

    Scraxt DiScorpius

    Scraxt DiScorpius, A drow dark elf exiled from his people
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ameiko Kaijitsu

    A noble woman of Tian descent who runs the Rusty Dragon Tavern in Sandpoint
  • Koya Mvashti

    Koya Mvashti

    While most people might think Koya’s lived a full life, she aches to make one grand journey worthy of being retold as a legend before she grows too old to travel