Jade Regent


Founded in 4666 ar along the Lost Coast, just a day’s ride north of Magnimar, Sandpoint has grown into a rustic and prosperous town of just over 1,200 citizens. The town has dealt with a number of disasters in the past 5 decades, including several powerful storms, goblin uprisings, trouble with dragons, devastating fires, and deranged serial killers. Yet Sandpoint weathered these trials and
emerged stronger after each one. Today, the town hosts several thriving industries (including lumber, fishing, farming, and glassblowing) as well as a number of unique businesses and entertainment venues. The town seems comfortable in its transitory position between rural charm and urban convenience, and is a healthy and vibrant settlement despite its slow growth.

Sandpoint Shops carry a variety of goods from the daily needs of the locals to extravagant glass blown sculptures. A few shops even offer some decent adventuring gear. The people here are all rather friendly and those you already know tend to spend their evenings at the Rusty Dragon Tavern. Run by Ameiko Kaijitsu, travelers and adventure’s come here for a mug of ale and to swap stories much to her delight. You’ve noticed upon entering the tavern that the Goblin Ear Bounty has been reinstated due to the recent brazen acts of the Licktoad Goblins working out of the Brinstump Marsh, this may be a way to garner friendship with more of the locals and make a little coin as well.



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